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Long chi car rental co., LTD  

Contacts:Xiao-juan wang  
A mobile phone:13088224466,13088220044  
Q Q:2639026609  
Address:Suining city ship Ming mountain road518The south shore emperor scenecArea1Building1Layer1094Number

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       Long chi car rental co., LTDWas established2016Years1Month(Hereinafter referred to as“Chi long car rental”),“Chi long car rental”The entire chain car rental brand in operations management,The registered capital200Ten thousand yuan,Office address in suining city ship Ming road in the mountains518The south shore emperor sceneCArea1Building1Layer1094Number,In line with the foothold、The purpose of the service society,Has been in suining、Chengdu、Nanchong、Neijiang and other places set up several branch。

"Chi long car rental"Actively learn from the domestic car rental mode of success,Combined with the regional customer spending habits,For the majority of customers with short rent、Long rent and other professional car rental services,And unlimited miles、Long distance car、Hitching a ride、Send the car……

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